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The Madhya Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Project

MPRLP works to eliminate rural poverty by empowering rural binary trading india households in nine mainly tribal districts of the state. MPRLP takes a bottom-up approach, facilitating, inspiring and guiding community-driven collective and individual action to reduce poverty through Gram Sabha (village assemblies).

MPRLP improves the lives of the poor and vulnerable by routing funds through Gram Sabha to activities that communities have identified as important.

MPRLP identifies, tests and proves new development options which can be taken up and applied by the government of India to improve the binary trading in india lives of the poor.

MPRLP is particularly concerned with improving the lives of women through broadening their social and economic participation.

MPRLP works to strengthen the capacity of Gram Sabha to plan and manage resources, to ensure equitable distribution of funds, and to protect and promote the interests of the poor and vulnerable, paying particular attention to access to resources, information and services.


Results of PFTs recruitments held in December 2009 have been announced binary options in india and are available on www.sams.co.in
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